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Fencing and fencing rentals in Portland Oregon can be hard to find, but our company specializes in not only offering the highest quality fencing products, but also the best prices on the market. Whether you are looking to rent temporary fencing or need a long-term solution, we can help you make the most out of your budget and achieve your desired results without breaking the bank. To find out more about our commercial fencing products and prices, contact us today!

Choosing commercial fence rentals:

There are many different types of fences that you can rent. One is metal fence rental and another is wood fence rental. Both of these are common types of fencing you will see around commercial businesses throughout any city, such as in Portland, OR. Deciding what type of fencing is best depends on your property and business needs. Metal fencing is great because it’s durable and lasts a long time. It’s also very low maintenance which makes it an ideal fence to install if you don’t have much time to take care of it or don’t want to worry about repairs or paint.

Things to consider when purchasing fencing for commercial purposes:

From interior to exterior, there are many reasons to consider using fencing materials. You might have any number of concerns or complications associated with your building that would make an experienced fence contractor worth your while. Fences can be designed to act as a boundary marker or, with some planning, can simply add a little beauty to the front of your commercial building. They can be comprised of standard materials, such as wood fencing or a more typical fence gate design in aluminum fencing. To learn more about fencing rentals and how they can help you achieve your goals, contact All About Fence today!

Types of fencing available:

Due to budget constraints, a commercial business will only be able to choose from a few types of fencing. Because of that, it’s wise to do research on these different options so you can make an informed decision. Iron is one such option because it’s affordable but low-maintenance; however, wood can be more attractive and versatile. Of course, you may decide that metal fencing is best—but it may cost more than you want to spend on your business property. Get as much information as possible before making your final decision.

Benefits of fencing your business property:

Effective fencing provides many benefits. While it’s not necessary to fence your business property, if you choose to do so it provides security and helps maintain property values. It can also help deter would-be thieves from vandalizing or stealing from your business. Additionally, modern fences are an excellent aesthetic addition to any commercial property which enhance its curb appeal by helping them stand out from nearby buildings and allowing you to create a stylish entrance. If you need fencing or fencing rentals in Portland Oregon contact us today!

Site preparation:

Before you even start thinking about installing a fence, you need to make sure your site is prepared. Take note of any protrusions from your walls or foundation—dividers that jut out from walls could interfere with where posts are placed and drain covers could be an issue as well. If you’re building a new structure and want to add fencing, double-check that nothing is encroaching on where posts will go down. (Note: Even if it doesn’t affect your current plans, knowing how much headroom to allow can help when designing landscaping.)

Maintenance requirements:

Maintaining your fencing is an essential part of keeping it in good condition. With regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs down the road. Many fencing contractors suggest that you maintain your fence by: Cleaning it every month with a mild soap and water solution; inspecting any damage; tightening or replacing screws if necessary; weather-proofing any joints, as needed. If you’re renting fencing from us, we’ll do regular maintenance as part of our service to you.

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